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COMPOSTSCAPE_Productive Land Program

Barcelona Institute of Architecture_Fall 2011

Professors_Maria Buhigas, Marc Montlleo, Anna Viader, Andres Flajszer

Partners_Glenn Hajadi & Tim Brennan (http://trb-arch.com/)

PROGRAM_Design a productive land program at the Riera de Rives delta outside of Barcelona

SOLUTION_The integration of CompostScape within the unused spaces of the Terramar Golf Course creates a cycle of activities that introduce an added value to an existing passive landscape system. CompostScape works in synergy with the existing events of labor and leisure, while also introducing a secondary cycle of compost collection. This interchange of labor, resources, and profit is an example of productive land in a controlled and bounded environment, with apossibility of re-defining the proto-typical golf course of the future.